How To Measure Torque Converter Bolt Pattern

How To Measure Torque Converter Bolt Pattern. But if i measure from the closest edge i get 5 1/4, so it would be 10.5. Log in to my account or create account.

Switching From A TH400 To A TCI Automotive 700R4 Rod from

Some converter companies will make a duel bolt pattern converter than can bolt to a 157 tooth and 164 tooth flex plate. Verify that the torque converter mounting pads sit flush against the flexplate. Torque converter bolt holes in the flywheel must be elongated to fit the non‐ls1 torque converter bolt circle.

In Your Situation It Will Probably End Up As 10 7/16 Or So Which Is The 10.5 Pattern

Measure the distance between them, the 10 1/2 pattern should be 7 1/2 inches center to center and the 11 7/16 pattern should be 8in center to. Torque converter bolt holes in the flywheel must be elongated to fit the non‐ls1 torque converter bolt circle. Measure the distance from the outside of one stud to the inside of the opposite stud on the conerter.

My Problem Is The Stock Bolts Are To Short To Go Through The Flex Plate And New Torque Converter Mounting Pads About.128 Short.

I got almost 5 1/2 from the middle which would be 11 inch but they only sell 10.5, 11.5 and 10 3/8 bolt pattern converters. Gm performance part #809‐12563532 crankshaft spacer bolt must be used with So, you have to measure from the center of one hole and end up to the center of the opposite hole.

The Units Of Measure Used When Defining A Bolt Circle Hole List Must All Be Of The Same Type, For Example:

The ls1 flywheel is reused, and it goes on before the spacer. To determine your torque converter bolt pattern, measure from the crank centerline to the centerline of one converter bolt hole and multiply by 2. The easiest way to estimate the 5 lug bolt pattern, is to measure from the back of a hole to the center of the second hole.

I Just Called A Local Trans Shop And They Said It's The Measurement From The Center Of One Of The Bolt Holes To The Center Of The Converter, Then Multiplied By 2.

You can measure the bcd the same way on your converter (center of one hole to the center of the converter nose x2). If you can remove the inspection cover on the bottom of the trans, rotate the flexplate so two of the converter bolts are accessable. My problem is the the stock converter mounting pad measure.183 thick and the mounting pad on the hughes measures.311thick with a difference of.128 thickness.measurements are as close as i can get.

The Flexplate I Have For The 305 Engine (One Piece Rear Main Seal) Has A 10 Bolt Pattern And A 9 3/8 Bolt Pattern Measured Center To Center Of The Bolt Holes.

When installing 7/16” bolts to attach the torque converter to the flexplate we recommend that you first Bells on v8 c4 models should be the same depth. How to measure torque converter bolt holes.

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